Thursday, 11 November 2010

Convention 2010 Join my team.


I had such a great time at Convention, it was so nice to meet other demo's, especially those from Germany and France. They are all such lovely and talented people.
Well next year Convention is at Disneyland Paris, Woo Hoo...  I know Disneyland is not everyones cup of tea but I just love it. I'm a bit like Peter Pan I've never grown up, well in body maybe but not in mind.
So how do you fancy joining me at Disneyland Paris!!!!!
Now is a great time to join Stampin'Up! the starter kit is only £119 (valued at more than £230)

You also get the opportunity to purchase an add on kit for £50 (valued at more than £80)

Plus if you join my team I will give you some exclusive Stampin'Up! merchandise....

This gorgeous Stampin'Up! Bag, a Stampin'Up Ruler, Stampin'Up! Pens and a lovely Stampin'Up! Keyring.
All this can be yours when you join my team, just e-mail me @ for full details. 

Thanks for stopping by....

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