Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I'm Back!!!!!!

Helloooo  I'm Back!!!!!

Have I been away, well actually no, we are trying to sell our house and it is taking up way too much of my time, not only that but I have had to declutter..... Back when we first put the house on the market the estate agent came round and said I needed to loose some of the clutter, what a cheek. especially when he was looking directly at my craft corner, which was I have to say quite tidy. It would open up the room more. So after much deliberation on my part I gave in and cleared it all out.  So while the weather wasn't too bad it went in the garage, but as the weather got colder I feared for the health of my crafting goodies so brought it back in the house and took over one of the downstairs cupboards.  So for a while I did my crafting on the coffee table, which is not good, but then after taking the house off the market over christmas, I needed a break!! we put it back on the market in January and have had to keep it looking clean and tidy for viewings. Aargggggggg.  My crafting is definately suffering as a result of this. But I am trying...... as my husband would say Very trying!!!!
Anyway thanks for listening to my rantings I will be back with some craft in a mo......

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