Monday, 7 May 2012

Owls, Owls, Owls


In case you haven't noticed I love Owls, in all shapes and forms.  I have made small Owl boxes, large Owl boxes, Owl cards, Owl soft toys, you can't go through my blog without finding an Owl here and there.....
Well today is no exception, I found the template for this little Owl gift bag on the internet and he is soooo cute.

 I filled him with little heart shaped jelly beans, which in themselves were tooo cute, but inside the Owl gift bag you might OD on cuteness!!!!!

I demo'd the bag at my last workshop and gave this one to the hostess as a gift,

I will have to photograph the make and take, they were using the new blossom punch, just gorgeous...

Anyhoo thats all for now, thanks for stopping by...

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