Thursday, 23 February 2012

Stampin'Up! Fabric


I am soooo glad that Stampin'Up! have brought out fabric, I used to sew quite a lot in the olden days (makes me sound like I'm a pensioner.....NO I'm not!...) but it does seem like ages since I made anything using fabric.
So when I saw the lovely fabric I thought I ought to get the old sewing machine out and give it a try....
I saw these bags on Jo Dumbleton's blog (link to the side) and she directs you to the blog she got them from. I just loved them straight away.

They are called Buttercup Bags and are very easy to make, you get the pattern and full instructions Free....

I also sent away for a class from which included this little owl, sooooo cute.....

I'm in the process of making another bag which I will show when completed, I am loving the spice cake fabric its gorgeous.  I have also nearly completed the rest of the owl set so pop back to see it, its really nice.
Anyhoo thats all for now, thanks for stopping by.....


  1. these are sooo lovely Rose - you've inspired me to get the blue fabric now - wasn't sure about it before!

  2. Hi Rose

    Thanks for your great blog. I love your owls and am very jealous of your wonderful sewing (I can't sew for toffee). I have just joined SU and am loving the products. I have awarded you the Liebster Award and would really appreciate it if you were able to take the time to have a look at my blog and creations.

    Many thanks, Rach xx