Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Gift Boxes


Appologies for my lack of posts, I have been really busy and have taken lots of photos but just have not had the time to upload onto my blog.........
Here are some Gift boxes I have made using the new Stampin'Up! envelope board, I have added a handmade broach as an embellishment. (sadly the bottletops are no longer available from Stampin'Up!) sigh.....can't say whats inside as that would spoil the surprise for the recipients...lol

 The next gift box is actually quite a nice size, I made this for my upline Michelle for Convention 2013, it contained something she liked from America a particular kind of sweet you can't get over here.

These boxes were so easy to make, in fact the most difficult part of this one was the snowflake embellishment.......lol
Well thanks for stopping by I will be back with some posts about Convention 2013....it was awsome..
Rose x

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