Saturday, 3 November 2012



What a lovely day it is Sun is shining, the beach is calling, but before I go out with the dog I thought I would share these with you........

My First Tutorial!!!
How to make these gorgeous Chrysanthemums. . . . . .

You start off with 3 large  scallop circles and 3 small scallop circles. I used Stampin'Up punches the new small 1 1/4 and the medium 1 3/4. (You can make any size if you have different sized punches).

Then you snip each scallop circle down every other scallop being careful not to go all the way through.
Then you take your scallop circle and spritz it with Stampin' Mist, then while it is damptake a paint brush or similar tool and curl the petal gently around the handle. I used a paint brush for the large scallop circle and my poky tool for the small scallop circle.

Curl 2 large scallop circle up and 1 down. Curl al 3 small scallop circles up, as shown in the picture below.

Leave to dry or you can use your heat gun to dry them. At this point you can spritz them with shimmer paint to give them sparkle if you want.
When dry you can layer them using dimensionals or glue dots. Layer the 3 large together offsetting the petels. Then Layer the 3 small in the same way.
 You will end up with this beautiful flower. . . . . .

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and it inspires you to have a go... They really are very easy and sooo pretty.
Thanks for stopping by.

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